What is “Outfinite Vision”?

The word “Outfinite” means or defines the area level which exists without any parameters,
and which exist beyond the boundaries of “Infinite’, as the parameters only exist in the “infinite”, which is our conceived Brahmanda [Universe] manifested as a huge spherical universe,
with its own radius of influence.

The word “Infinite” with which we all are familiar with, clearly explains that it means as being
“In the finite”, thus defining very clearly, that it literally means, “what exists in the finite parameters can go on reproducing itself, with only certain differentiations in original formations thus existing both the Arupa and Rupa levels [Invisible and Visible levels]in the boundaries
of the manifested sphere.


All Involution [the electromagnetic consciousness taking a form is called involution], and evolution [the electromagnetic consciousness escaping from the bondage of the form is called the evolution], which takes place in the “Infinite” [with parameters], and these both  processes happens in certain mathematical and geometrical conscious energy relationships, which are required for the consciousness expansion attained due to the polarity integration, which is imbedded in the electromagnetic consciousness itself of all the entities and beings, who are existing in the micro to macro levels of the spherical parameters, by the controllers of “Infinite”, who happen to be the members of the “Outfinite Supreme Council’.


Just like a tree will produce first the flowers and then the fruits with seeds, those seeds will continue to reproduce the same tree again, and this process will continue forever which is known as “Infinity” thus taking place within the spherical parameters of all formations. This process in the ancient times was codified by the controllers of the planetary hierarchy as the four or quadrant life codifications known as the sacred geometry. [The word geometry is an “Atlantian” word passed on to the next “Aryan race” in ancient times as a “Sanskrit word “Jyotir may”. [In Sanskrit the word “Jyoti” means light and “may” means full , so the word  “Jyotirmay’ means full of light, describing the movement of light in all vibration frequencies in the 360 degrees spherical parameters, thus making a complete full circle, which manifest as the various dimensional planes and sub planes existing in the spherical parameters of infinite universe].

This word “Jyotirmay” was thus passed on to the “Aryan race” by the planetary hierarchy of the planet earth in the ancient times, codified as the seed of life, flower of life, fruit of life and the tree of life symbolic representations, but over the time the change of energy levels caused through the attraction and repulsion of cosmic forces which exist in the infinite or within the spherical parameters, interacting  under the governance of the entities existing in the “Outfine Zones”[without the parameters as such, as we know of them existing in the “Infinite”], who through their quantum energy impulses make the dark fire [kaal agni] to continuously govern all the involution and evolution cycles in the “Infinite” through the movement of spiral cyclic rotational energies, to attain a harmony or balance in a particular level defined as polarity integration,  which cause the consciousness expansion of spherical infinite universe [Brahmanda], thus continuously expanding further its parameters in time and space.


For such consciousness expansion in the spherical parameters, the second cosmic electric “Will’ aspect known as the “Maha Vishnu” or the “Cosmic Christos” is utilized , which is the second differentiation of the supreme Being or the great “Thinker” who is behind his subjective and objective manifestation, and this second cosmic electrical “will” differentiation is out of his threefold cosmic differentiation, who himself has been brought in existence by the collective efforts of the “Outfinite Supreme Council”. This second cosmic aspect also known as the balancing electricity [Magnetism], is the cause for the further differentiations in the spherical parameters due to the transmutations required for conscious expansion, which is attained through the process of polarity integrations also known as the balancing or harmonization, which is thus the source for all energy radiations. 

The “Out finite Supreme Council”, which governs through their quantum energy impulses, all the grand cosmic experiments with in the spherical parameters known as the “Infinite universes” with the help of the 4th hidden universal aspect known as the dark fire [kaal agni], , only allows them to consciously expand through appropriate merges following their polarity relationships, which are based upon one and only universal law meant for all such “Infinite” experiments, which is
“Will to do Good”.



These appropriate merging process, which is known as the cosmic polarity integration, is defined as the sacred geometry in the “Infinite “sphere by all consciously “aware” existences, who exist in all the macro to micro levels of “Infinite universe” also known as the “Brahmanda“.

[The word Brahmanda is composed of two words “Brahma and Anda”, and Brahma means the creator, and Anda means the “Egg shaped elliptical sphere”].


The proper following of this universal law of “Will to do Good” in time and space does not allow any “pain or suffering”, which is related to emotional aspect of the evolving mind of all the entities and beings, which defines the  fivefold expanding consciousness in any manifestation within spherical boundaries.


If for any reason if the universal law of “Will to do Good” is not properly upheld or followed anywhere in the Infinite universe which exist, in subjective as well as objective manifestations  with their own radius of influences, or spherical parameters, also called the “Infinites”, thus existing as just the conscious existences in pure energy levels with or without formations, up to material existences or formations like nebula as well as in between stages like cosmic energy portals, black holes, and dense  formations as the solar systems, galaxies  etc, then the “Out finite Supreme Council” takes all the appropriate steps to mend all those situations, and if the evolving conscious existence in these parameters fail to resolve such balanced activities required to uphold the universal law of “Will to do Good”, then the “Out finite Supreme council untimely Condemns such conscious expansion experiment from further proceeding in time and place, so it can not adversely affect other evolutions and involutions which are having with them geometrical relationships in time and space.


Our planet earth unfortunately due to the hijacking of the evolutionary plans as set by the solar logos in the “Archetype plane”, at the start of the grand experiment, which is known to us as our “solar system” [Sor Mandal] , has unfortunately become a planet of ‘Corruption”, and thus a planet of “pain and suffering”,  illegally following a “Might is right” or Martian policy, which also originally failed in the earlier mars chain of our earth planetary scheme, commonly known as the moon chain. They have not upheld the proper universal law for involution and evolution known as the universal law of “Will to do Good”, which is required for the free flow of spiral cyclic rotation movement of the expanding consciousness in time and space.


So the “Out finite Vision “also known as “the unbound vision”, thus defines the universal law of “Will to do Good”, which is meant for our proper evolution or consciousness expansion in this infinite universe thus existing in time and space, which is required for all of us to wake up from our deep slumber consciousness which is following the wrong “Might is right” policy upon planet earth or blinds are leading the blind.

The following of the universal law of “Will to do Good “ as mandated by the “Out finite Supreme Council” is a must, otherwise the future for all the existences and beings of our planet earth is totally bleak, with no further future to carry on, as we know of, or will like to have for our consciousness expansion.

Vashisht Vaid.