The Secret of Evolution of the Solar System through
Codification of Pyramids of Giza platau


Not many of us are aware of this “great ancient fact” that the three large pyramids along with three small pyramids, which were erected in the Giza plateau during ancient times, were practically conceived by the great visionaries during the middle of “Atlantian age” more than 220,000 years ago, when the now continent of Africa was physically joined with the South America through a huge land mass known as the “Atlantis”. In those days the area of modern day Egypt known as “Khem” was the land where the expanding consciousness of both the evolving cultures of “Atlantis and ancient Sumerian culture came together in harmony, and their knowledge was depicted as the intellect of “mind” also known as the “soul”, which is the “I am factor”.

The people of Atlantis who belonged to the older human race of planet earth known as the 4th root race practically worshiped the “spirit of Solar Sun” as the solar logos, and the Spirit of the moon, which was codified to represent the Spirit of the planet “earth” itself. While in Sumer where people belonged to the newer or younger human race, called the 5th root race also known as the “Aryan Race”, there was  more emphasis given to the worship of the planetary angelic energies known as the planetary spirits of those vortex of energies, or the energy focal points of the solar system, who are involved in the reception and transmission of the cosmic energies, which affect the evolution of all kingdoms upon planet earth especially the human kingdom, who are known as those “planets” upon which is based our everyday weekly calendar of 7 days [Sun and Moon are the “blinds” for some of the other planets].

During those days, when these evolutionary plans set for planet earths evolution, to depict them upon the physical plane for all the humanity of the future to remember were being established, the zodiacal constellations of Virgo [Kanya rashi] and the Leo [Tula Rashi] were still not divided, and were still considered as one constellation having male and female polarities, as they represented the hermaphrodite deva entities [angelic beings], who can act out male or female roles, which were required of them, by the sound energy commands of the planetary hierarchy rulers to help them in the parallel evolution of human beings, which is taking place upon the planet earth. So these deva entities in the form of an object of worship as their objective representation was physically established upon earth as the Great Sphinx of “Giza” with a female face with a lions body, representing the female/ male intertwined energies or the hermaphrodite constellation of Virgo joined with the Leo constellation.

The word “Hermaphrodite” meaning having simultaneously both the male and female nature, comes from the ancient deities known as “Hermes and Aphrodite”, who through their polarity integration in the 4th or middle solar plane known as the “Buddhic Plane”, which took place under the governance of the 4th hidden aspect known as the dark fire [kaal Agni],  brought these deva entities of the three dense solar planes [Mental, Astral, and Vital/Physical]in objective manifestation in these lower solar planes of our solar system.

The word “Hermes” which originally represented the planetary spirit of planet “Mercury [Budh] and was thus represented in Egypt as the peace loving God having the head of a Ibis bird, as the giver of all knowledge and wisdom, which unfortunately was later on illegally changed to the “Martian spirit” due to the hijacking of the evolutionary plans of planet earth by those beings of the previous planetary chain called the mars chain, which was the “failed previous 3rd planetary chain” existing in our planetary earth scheme, who had already lost their further planetary evolution in that chain in which our moon was their dense planet, and were given one last chance to evolve upon this planet by the “cosmic hierarchy” based upon “Will to do Good”,  to correct their wrong evolutionary habits.

But when these conscious beings from the previous mars chain were allowed to physically incarnate upon this planet earth, who due to their war type habits and illegal control through power, thus preferred to consciously vibrate to the frequencies of the “Mars” focal point of our solar system [Mangal Graha], and then the peaceful  god “Thoth” was later on falsely started being represented as a baboon in Egypt, after the hijacking by the Martian planetary spirit followers[the corrupt priesthood of ancient Egypt],  who then illegally started representing the ancient god “Thoth” as the “Baboon” or a monkey, as a symbol of Mars instead of Mercury [Budh]. In India now a days the god mercury is represented as “the god of wisdom” in the form of the deity “Ganapati or Ganesha”, and currently Mars is represented by the deity “Hanuman”.
The Goddess Aphrodite, known as the great mother, which represented the planetary spirit of focal energy point of our solar system known as the planet “Venus” stayed in the same way in this great conspiracy in which Mercury [Budh]was illegally replaced through the sheer force by the planetary spirit of Mars followers, who later on propagated him as their god “Mithra” in the ancient Roman Empire, as a representation of the solar sun of red color, a color which is attained by the sun during twilight times as the rising or the disappearing sun.

 [The word Mitra or Mithra is a Sanskrit word meaning a “Friend” and the enraging consciousness was represented by the great kingly Maharishi Vishvamitra whose name means “Vishva [world]” and” Mitra [friend]” or the friend of the world.]

These Sumerian priests started indulging with the deva entities known as the planetary spirits of the energy distribution focal point planets, which are known as the “Grahas, who are having their own parallel evolution upon this planet earth, thus brought those sound chantings, which are known as the ‘Sacred Mantras’ and various symbols and “Talisman” which included both figures, numbers, alphabet letters, as well as geometrical representations written or etched upon various objects[made from papyrus to glass, stones, crystals as well as the metals], which are known as sacred instruments [yantras], in existence which were utilized to get the attention of these deva entities called planetary spirits and their required aid to perform the needed work upon the physical plane. ”[grahas means houses, as various housing structures were built in the ancient times for the appropriate worship of these planetary spirits having dome roofs, as these domes represented the hemisphere of the sky, which showed the heavenly planets objective existence].

These priests were thus able to perform super human feats, which were termed as Magic, and thus these priests were known as the performers of magic or the “Magi’s” and in much later times they became known as the “Magicians”. Unfortunately this was the start of “Black Magic” upon this earth, which was carried on from sumer to other parts of the world like India and china and beyond especially to the “Atlantis through Egypt”, which was thus the reason for the total fall of the “Atlantian culture”, which thorough the misuse of magic caused first the sinking of the major portions of the land mass more than, two hundred thousand years, when the various Atlantian priests, who till then primarily worshipped the “Spirit of the Solar Sun”, which brought them good fortunes, unfortunately started utilizing these planetary spirit entities to do their illegal dirty and deceitful work which was based upon their own deceitful agendas. So about 200,000BC, a great calamity took place which was ordered by the “Vaivasvata Manu to uphold the universal law of “Will to do Good”, who is the creator of the 5th root race known as the “Aryan Race”, upon the planet earth, and thus first the land mass which connected Africa with South America split, causing the Atlantic ocean to carve two major island out of it, and upon  one of them remained, the great “City of the golden gates”, which was the major Sun worship center at that time in the whole of “Atlantian Territory”, These both islands, which now came in existence due to drowning of the land mass were subsequently known as the island of the “Ruta” meaning “island of the seasons”, and the island of the “Daitya’s” meaning the island of “Demons or the Demonic worshippers” where the worship of the negative planetary earth devas, who belonged to the dense 7th solar plane existing in its 7 sub planes, and were known as the “Dark forces of the God Pan” [Pan is known
as the demon God Kubera or Khisti in Hindu scriptures, who is the god of monetary weath]
thus continued.

These two Atlantian islands being in close proximity still influenced each other, and unfortunately the practices of the dark or black magic continued in full swing upon the island of “Daitya” against the evolutionary plans and purposes as originally established by the logos and followed upon the planet earth by the “Vaivasvata Manu’, which again caused a great destruction in 75,025 BC, when it was totally destroyed and submerged under the great waves of the “Atlantic “ ocean, which also caused a great damage to the neighboring island of “Ruta” thus leaving behind an area which was renamed as “Poseidonis” upon the suggestions of the temple priests, in honor of the Sea God “Poseidon” to save them from any such further destruction.
During this destruction also were destroyed most of the artificial thought forms, which were created out of the negative matter composed of elemental devas, which has come in existence unfortunately due to wrong utilization of mind by the evolving human beings with their unfinished negative selfish and lustful thought patterns, which were caused due to the negative influence of these planetary earth spirits, who followed consciously as well as unconsciously following the sound patterns of these black magicians to gather the unconscious elemental devas to become these artificial live thought forms, thus helping these corrupt black magicians to perform their dirty work against the established evolutionary plans and purposes based upon the universal law of
“Will to do Good”.

Then Vaivasvata Manu also known as the great “Sanat Kumar”, who is the reflected consciousness of the Prithvi Prajapati [planetary earth scheme logos] and who originally came to earth from the planet Venus of our this earth chain[the 4th chain], to help with the evolution of this planet earth, as there was no one who was capable at that time upon earth to fulfill such evolutionary duties, as our this planet earth belongs to this planetary chain of 7 planets existing as its middle or the 4th planet, to uphold the universal law of “Will to do Good”, ordered the final destruction of the remaining island of the “Atlantis” which was then known as the “Poseidonis” by raising the initiation rod of the “Kumara’s” which was in the shape of three intertwined snakes, and each of the snakes was representing one of the threefold differentiated cosmic energy of the “Grand Thinker”[This threefold energy differentiation is known as the three aspects of “Param Shiva”, “Maha Vishnu”, and “Par Brahma”],  and having a great diamond as its initiating tip of the cosmic force , which was originally brought to our solar system and then to our planet earth from the Star System of “Sirius”, which is existing in the cosmic mental plane.

This final destruction took place in 9564 BC, when “Poseidonis”, the final surviving island of Atlantis was destroyed though earthquakes which caused gaseous explosions and caused the great flood of the rising sea waves under which the Continent of “Atlantis finally disappeared. This great event of destruction though deluge was recorded by the Egyptian priests as well as the survivors of the great “Atlantian” race who lived upon the main land of south Americas like in modern day Peru, Chile, Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico etc., whose descendants were later known as the “Toltec, Maya, Inca, and Aztecs”.

The great Greek Philosopher Plato, who was a student of great Philosopher Socrates, and teacher of the great Philosopher Aristotle in his dialogues  named “Timaeus and Critias”, which were written about 360 BC mentions about this third destruction only , in which he mentions “Atlantis” as a great naval power lying "in front of the Pillars of Hercules" that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of great  Solon [638 BC – 558 BC, who was an Athenian statesman, lawmaker, and a poet thus approximately 9600 BC. Plato mentioned that after a failed attempt to invade Athens, the island of Atlantis sank into the ocean "in a single day and night of misfortune”. In Critias, Plato claims that his accounts of ancient Atlantis come from a visit to Egypt by the legendary Athenian lawgiver Solon in the 6th century BC. In Egypt, Solon met a priest of Sais who translated the history of ancient Athens and Atlantis, recorded on papyri in Egyptian hieroglyphs, into Greek.

The Greek historian Diodorus recounts that goddess “Athena” who was known as “Neith” by the Egyptians built the town of “Sais” in Egypt, [Sais was called as “Zau” or “Sau” by the ancient Egyptians] before the deluge that destroyed both Athens and Atlantis. While all Greek cities were destroyed during that cataclysm, the Egyptian cities including Sais situated in the western Nile Delta survived. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that the town of Sais was the place where the grave of god Osiris was located and his suffering were reenacted and displayed in the night on an adjacent lake. Said was a great school of learning for medicine and was part of the medical learning center of Heliopolis where the annual rite of the “Phoenix bird was performed, and two out of the three  Heliopolis obelisks, which were reinstalled later in ancient Alexandria,  are currently being displayed in London England  upon the banks of river Thames, and in the central park New York city USA . Now the ancient town of Sais is known as “Sa el-Hagar” in Egypt.



The evolutionary plan of the cosmic Christos, who is the “grand thinker” was thus objectively established upon the Giza plateau in the form of pyramids, and who being the solar logos having his objective body of manifestation as our solar system, is evolving in the cosmic vital/physical plane, and this objective solar system is represented by the 3 +7 = 10 energy distribution centers, of which the first 3 are the final “Sub thinkers” or Prajapati’s [creator logos], who are known as the father Son and the holy Ghost, in which the Prajapati  Uranus plays the father role [Shiva], Neptune as the Son[Vishnu], and the Saturn [Shani] as the Holy Ghost”[Brahma], who thus act as the final synthesizers of the evolving consciousness in our solar system, after the grand evolution of consciousness expansion has completed its course under the guiding force of the creator Brahma, which happens to be consciousness of planetary Creator logos of “Saturn [Shani], who is also termed as the law giver and the son of the “Grand Thinker” thus also known as the “Surya Putra” meaning the son of the solar logos, who is the in charge of the evolution of the rest of the Differentiated  7 “Sub thinkers”, which are differentiated from his own consciousness as one feminine polarity which gives birth to the rest six “Sub thinkers” or the creator planetary logos “Prajapati’s, whose objective body of manifestations are the 7 planetary schemes. This whole evolution takes place under the governance of the dark fire [kaal agni], the hidden aspect of the infinite universe.

The major three pyramids were thus established according to this grand plan to objectively show the codified knowledge to all the mankind for its future evolutionary purposes, in which the knowledge of the seven differentiations of the solar planes was successively portrayed. As the cosmic man of the heavens was portrayed by the constellation of Orion, as Orion is the constellation of the ancients, who’s rising and setting with the sun was used to calculate the yearly cycle of time.  

In Ancient Egypt Orion was known to depict the “Soul” of Osiris as Osiris was considered to be the Lord of the Two planes, the  Lord of the Heavens [Mental plane]and Lord of the Earth [Vital/Physical plane]. He was also considered to be Lord of the Dead [Patala], which is the codified realm of the Astral plane, and in this capacity was always represented in mummy wrappings and wearing the White Crown of Egypt.In the Osiris Legend, Thoth is credited with having introduced all the arts and sciences, including astronomy and hieroglyphs, to the Ancient Egyptians. He was the Keeper of the Records. And it was Osiris who was the source of all Knowledge. So it was Osiris who contrived the constellations. It was Osiris who was the Great Architect or the grand man of the heavens. Osiris was also the master of Thoth, from whom “Thoth’ technically learned all the knowledge before he imparted to the human beings.
Later on in the Christ story these three pyramids corresponded to the three crosses each depicting 4 constellations of the zodiac also. The Great pyramid to the astrological Mutable cross, the middle Pyramid corresponded to the “Fixed Cross”, and the smallest Pyramid to the “Cardinal Cross” or the highest planes containing the core of highest masters , as the most enlightened being and entites of our solar system..

 Upper Egypt in the ancient days was considered as the land of the Vulture and the Wheat plant, while the lower Egypt was considered as the land of Bee and the cobra, and all together when combined lower and upper Egypt they were defined as the land of Wheat plant, Vulture, cobra and the Bee. Which codified the ancient knowledge that when the great Sanat Kumar [also known as the True and original [VAIVASTVA MANU], who came from the planet Venus of our planetary earth chain, to our planet earth  to introduce life, he brought with him to planet earth the wheat from which all other grains evolves as hybrids, the bees whose hybrids are the great insects known as the vultures and eagles [garudas] , the ants [serpents and snakes are their hybrids later known as the “Nagas].

So as at the area of the solar Plexus of this cosmic man of the heavens, three stars were depicted showing his emotional desires, which are related to the astral plane, and which is a necessary step to be controlled for the evolving human beings to free themselves from the material personality bondage, these 3 stars of Orion belt thus became the basis for their depiction as these 3 great pyramids of Giza plateau upon the physical plane, and their such positioning in the heavens was thus copied down upon the physical plane when constructing these pyramids. [In Ancient Greece, Orion was considered as the hero Hercules in the region of Boeotia. The most famous place associated with his birth was considered Hyria, which was in the territory of Tanagra. A feast of Orion was held at Tanagra as late as the Roman Empire. They also had a tomb of Orion like the ancient Egyptians probably at the foot of Mount Cerycius , which is now known as the
Mount Tanagra.

The great pyramid of Giza without the cap stone thus depicted the true evolution of a human being , who after his material personality experience in the three dense worlds gained during his incarnated lives finally joined with his higher self, the “soul”.

So this great pyramid was divided in a codified way as containing three major sections, which were related to Mental plane, Astral plane and the Vital/Physical plane, which are the 3 dense solar planes of the solar system. Each of these solar planes is further divided into sub planes. The Mental plane is divided in total of 7 sub planes out of which the 3 are higher sub planes and 4 are lower sub planes, and the Astral plane is also divided in 7 sub planes of almost similar differentiation, and the vital/physical plane, which the plane of incarnation for human beings to have a material vital or ethereal body known as pranic or body double and a physical human body, is divided in 4 vital sub planes and the 3 dense planes of air, water and dense mineral.
The great pyramid represented, only the 18 sub planes out of the 21 sub planes of these three dense solar planes without the cap stone, as the cap stone was known as the “Ankh” or the all seeing eye, which comprised of the three highest mental sub planes, which are the domains of the great adepts and masters of intellect, who are the planetary hierarchy members acting as the so called gods, thus being its evolutionary guardians. The top of the cap less pyramid represented the area of the Souls, where they existed in an energy formation which in the east was codified as a “Lotus” flower and in the west as a “Rose”. This codification of lotus suggested that the soul like a lotus flower does not get affected by the muddy or dirty water in which it grows , and similarly the rose representing the human soul conscious does not lose it beauty and fragrance, even it grows upon its thorny bushes.

During the initiation period in the mystery schools of the ancient Egypt a student was given the codified knowledge by the initiating masters related to these sub planes, which at their completion was known as attaining a “Degree” which was related to the attainment of each sub planes knowledge.  Upon attaining such knowledge a person was able to liberate himself from the dense plane physical bondage.

In these mystery schools, they were also taught the secret of the 12 great ages which were related to the 12 Zodiacal constellation of the ecliptic,  as due to the precession of equinox the evolving personality consciousness of human beings came under the influence of these zodiac signs during their incarnated lives.

The Sumerians calculated the” soul life’ of an evolving human being to be 72 x 360 = 25920 earth years to incarnate again and again upon planet earth a process which was called as “reincarnation’, which was termed as the great year as they took the time of 71.5 earth years as “72”in which time the sun appeared to be moving slowly from constellation to another of the zodiacal constellations existing upon the ecliptic.

While the Atlantians calculated the “Soul Life” of an evolving human being to be 71 x 360 = 25560 earth years to incarnate again and again upon planet earth a process which was called as “reincarnation’, which was termed also as the great year, as they took the time of 71.5 earth years as “71”in which time the sun appeared to be moving slowly from constellation to another of the zodiacal constellations existing upon the ecliptic.

So the difference between these two calculations was a difference of 360 earth years [25920 – 25560 =360 earth years], which thus allowed some to take some more time to expand their evolving consciousness according to their belief systems, which caused more of the of low level negative thoughts related to material world to come in existence.


In these ancient mystery schools, they were also taught the secret of the 12 great ages which were related to the 12 Zodiacal constellation of the ecliptic,  as due to the precession of equinox the evolving personality consciousness of human beings came under the influence of these zodiac signs during their incarnated lives. This time period of 25960 years or 25560 years was considered as the great year, which was further divided into 4 segments as the “Four Great Seasons]. These four seasons related to four constellations as their starting points, which were [1] the constellation of Taurus – Vrishbha  Rashi [Bull also called Nandi the Bael or Baal], [2] Constellation of Leo – Simha Rashi [Lion], [3] Constellation  of Scorpio – Vrishka Rashi [Ancient symbol being a “Garuda or Phoenix bird” later depicted as an Eagle, and much later with a scorpion], and [4] the constellation of Aquarius - Kumbha Rashi [Cosmic man or the Man with a water Pitcher ].

Each of these 4 seasons were only mentioned for the initiates to be taught in the mystery schools, so that their evolving consciousness can become expanded from the material levels to the higher levels of existence, and thus get liberated from the material bondage, and each of these four great seasons of the great year were depicted in 4 parts of 90 degree sections, having in them the 3 great ages having a triangular energy relationship, of which [1] the great season of Taurus [Bull],which has in it the Pleiades star system and also having the Star Alcyone [Krittika Nakshatra] existing in the cosmic astral plane, which is the source of the cosmic sound energy “Pranava” or “Aum” coming to our solar system for it to objectively manifest in the cosmic Vital/Physical plane, and this great cycle of “Taurus” [Bull], had in it three great ages which comprised of the ages related to the influence of cosmic energies radiated from the constellations of Taurus [Vrishbha Rashi], Gemini[Mithuna Rashi] and Cancer [Karka Rashi] respectively. In ancient times the Spring Equinox [March 21] fell in the constellation of Taurus [Bull -Vrishbha Rashi], and thus was celebrated as the great festival of the birth of the Solar Sun [Surya], with a great pomp and show. In India since ancient times, the birth of Raja Ram Chandra of the “Solar Dynasty” being an incarnation of “Vishnu” or “Narayana” is celebrated around this time period. The Jewish festival of “Pass Over” as well as the resurrection of Jesus [Sun of God], is also celebrated as Easter festival around this time period.

Similarly [2] the great season of “Leo” [Lion] was related to the source of the cosmic sound energy from the ”Magha Nakshatra” [Star Regulus] depicted as the Royal throne [that is why most of the kingly thrones in all cultures had Lions carved upon them]. This great season had three great ages which comprised of the ages related to the influence of cosmic energies radiated from the constellations of Leo [Simha Rashi], Virgo [Kanya Rashi] and Libra [Tula Rashi] respectively. In ancient times the Summer Solstice [June 21] fell in the constellation of Leo [Simha Rashi], and thus was celebrated as the great festival of the Manhood of the Solar Sun [Surya], with a great pomp and show. Many marriages took place around this time period as well as great festivities including the installation of a new king upon the throne took place around this time period. 

Similarly [3] the great season of “Scorpio [Garuda or Phoenix Bird – later depicted as a Scorpion] was related to the source of the cosmic sound energy coming from its” Jyeshtha Nakshatra’ meaning the eldest of all stars [Star Antares] depicted as the Round amulet[that is why most of the kingly crowns in all cultures are round or circular in shape].This great season had three great ages which comprised of the ages related to the influence of cosmic energies radiated from the constellations of Scorpio [Vrishka Rashi], Sagittarius [Dhanu Rashi] and Capricorn[Makra Rashi] respectively. In ancient times the autumn equinox [September 21] fell in the constellation of Scorpio [Vrishka Rashi], and thus was celebrated the great festival of the phoenix bird [grauda], with a great pomp and show. Currently around this time the worship of ancestors [Pitris] belonging to the 4th creative hierarchy take place in various religions including Judaism and Hinduism, as well as in Hinduism the nine day worship of the forces [Shaktis] also take place around this time period.

Similarly [4] the great season of “Aquarius [Cosmic Man or Man with a pitcher or water carrier called Kumbha] was related to the source of the cosmic sound energy, coming from its”  Shatabhisha Nakshatra’ or Chathayam having the star Gamma Aquarii also known as “Sadhabhisek“ in devnagari meaning “Always lucky start. In ancient Sumer the cosmic man Aquarius was identified as “Gula” or “Elu” and was also thus known as “The Great One" and in the ancient Babylonian star catalogues, he was represented as the god Ea himself, who was commonly depicted holding an overflowing vase. In the Babylonian times the Aquarius constellation represented the “ Winter Solstices”,  and thus “Ea” was the ruler of the southernmost quarter of the Sun's path, which was known as the "Way of Ea", which corresponded to the period of 45 days on either side of “winter solstice”. Aquarius was also associated with the destructive floods which caused a great destruction to the ancient Babylonians, who thus negatively depicted “Aquarius” as the god of destruction. In Ancient Egypt, Aquarius was associated with the annual flood of the Nile, and according to the ancient Egyptians, the banks of Nile always flooded  when Aquarius put his jar into the river, and thus he was considered as the bringer of the spring season. This Ea was later known as the Biblical “Noah”, who made an arc to save the evolving kingdoms of planet earth, like the ancient story of “Vaivasvata Manu” mentioned in the Hindu Puranic scriptures, who saved all from the great deluge. Similarly in the ancient Greek mythology, the cosmic man Aquarius was associated with Deucalion, the mythical figure who built a ship with his wife Pyrrha to survive an imminent flood. They sailed for nine days before washing ashore on Mount Parnassus. Actually the great deluge is the codified story of the final destruction of “Atlantis”, which took place in 9564 BC upon this planet earth. 

The present creator Vaivasvata Manu also known as the Sraddhadeva Manu [Sraddha is also known as the “Pitri Puja” or the “Worship of the ancestors”, which since ancient times takes place during this time period], is one of the 14 creator Manus, and is the son of Vivasvat [Surya Narayana], thus having his solar consciousness , and hence his name is Vaivasvata Manu. He is considered the progenitor of the current Manvantara, which is the 7th of the 14 Manvantara’s, that make up the current time period of “Kalpa”, as each of these Kalpa  makes up a day of Brahma.

According to the Puranic scriptures Sraddhadeva was born to Saranya and Vivasvat [Surya] and was the King of Dravida [South India] during the epoch of the Matsya Purana. Sraddhadeva Manu once caught a talking fish, who begged Manu to rescue him. The fish claimed a Great Flood was coming and it would wash away all the living things of planet earth. Manu put this fish in a pot, and then, as it grew larger and larger, he first transferred this fish into a tank, then into a lake and then finally transferred this fish to the ocean. While it went in the ocean, the great fish told Manu to build a large boat to save himself. He did so and when the flood arrived, the fish, who was actually the great Matsya, an Avatar of “Vishnu” towed the big boat by a Rope attached to his horn and thus saved the great Manu and all his entourage.

According to the ancient Hindu scriptures Vaivasvata Manu married “Shraddha” and had ten children from her including the famous  ”Ila “and” Ikshvaku”, who were respectively the progenitors of the “Lunar Dynasty and Solar Dynasty kings of India. [This is a codified story of the solar logos and his 10 organs called the 10 Prajapati’s [creator logos], out of these “10” the ‘3’ are the main Prajapati’s known as “Uranus [Rahu], Neptune [Ketu], and Saturn [Shani], who toward the end of the solar system, act as the synthesizers for the solar system , and the rest seven which come in manifestation due to the creative action of the Saturn as the “Brahma”, which includes his own extending consciousness thus existing as a [7] feminine Saturn[ “Sandhya also known as Kali”], and six others known as [1] Vulcan [Vishvakarma], [2] Venus [Shukra], [3] Mars [Mangal], [4] Earth [Prithvi], [5] Mercury [Budh], [6] Jupiter [Brahaspati or Guru].

So the great season of Aquarius was related to the source of the cosmic sound energy, coming from its”  Shatabhisha Nakshatra’ or Chathayam having the star Gamma Aquarii also known as “Sadhabhisek“ in devnagari meaning “Always lucky start”, sadhayam in Tamil, Sadachbia in Arabic  or “Awwil al Ahbiyah” meaning the first of luck of the homes or tents, depicted as the Round amulet [that is why most of the kingly crowns in all cultures are round or circular in shape]. This great season had three great ages which comprised of the ages related to the influence of cosmic energies radiated from the constellations of Aquarius [Kumbha Rashi], Pisces [Meen Rashi], and Aries [Mesha Rashi] constellations respectively.

These 4 great seasons corresponded with the great cosmic quadrant of the 4 cosmic planes, thus becoming a receiver of their cosmic energies during these time periods, [1] Cosmic Buddhic plane of Ursa Minor constellation having also the pole star [Dhruv Tara], [2] Cosmic Mental plane having the Sirius Star System existing in the Cannes Major Constellation, [3] Cosmic Astral Plane having the Pleiades Star System existing in the Taurus constellation, and [4] Cosmic Vital/Physical plane in which our current solar system with Solar Sun and its organs as the planetary schemes exist.

In case of the planet earth existing in the dense physical plane, for the evolutionary purposes these four great seasons were termed as the seasons of the 4 great elements [Tatvas], and thus also corresponded to the four elements of nature or of the Rupa levels, which are Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. As the great season headed by Fire element was the great cyclic season of “Leo” the lion. And the great season headed by the Water element was the great cyclic season of “Scorpio”, the Phoenix bird also known as the “Garuda” which is also represented in the Sumerian gods with a human body and an eagle face and wings.  The great season headed by the Air element was the great cyclic season of “Aquarius “, the cosmic man with water pitcher, accepted as the life giver father God. The great season headed by the “Earth” element was the great cyclic season of “Taurus “, the cosmic Bull, represented as the “Nandi”  in India and “Baal” in the west, accepted as a source of knowledge due to its having the Pleiades star system, and also as a power symbol.

In each of these 4 great seasons, each great season had three ages, which were related to the three constellations of the zodiac. In each of these great ages, the constellation which was related to the “Age of the great season” was the primary constellation to cause its energy effect through the radiated energy impulses, while the other two constellations of the other two ages, were the member constellations of this great season, and thus were the 2 supporting constellations who provided their supporting cosmic energy impulses during this great season cycle.


At the start of the grand experiment, various time cycles were established by the “Supreme Thinker” under the governance of dark fire [kaal agni], to consciously relate his seven manifested cosmic planes having “star solar systems” thus objectively manifested in time and space. He established them in energy relationship through the use of various time cycles following certain geometries to have polarity integrations. Finally he established the final three cosmic planes to synthesize the whole consciousness expansion experiment, which takes place in the spherical Infinite Brahmanda [Universe].

This whole process of various major and minor time cycles was established under the governance of dark fire [kaal agni], who controls all the involution through material objectivity and evolution through Spiritual integration attaining the required consciousness fullness in their infinite parameters of existence.

All time cycles are thus supposed to take place according to the various geometrical relationships, which exist between the subjective [Arupa] and objective [Rupa] cosmic centers to attain the required consciousness expansion through polarity integration.

The time cycles which were established for our this current solar system exist in three major geometries which is [1] fivefold relationship represented by a “Pentacle”, [2] a fourfold relationship represented by a “Cube”, [3] and a threefold relationship represented by a “Triangle”.

The fivefold relationship is manifested in the five cosmic planes which are known as [1] the cosmic Spiritual or Atmic plane in which the seven star systems of Ursa Major constellation exist, [2] the cosmic Buddhic or Wisdom plane in which the seven star system of Ursa Minor constellation including the star system of pole star exist, [3] the cosmic Mental or intellect plane in which the Sirius star System exists, [4] the cosmic Astral or Emotional plane in which the Pleiades star System exists, [5] the cosmic vital/physical or dense plane in which our own solar system exists.

Based upon this fivefold relationship, a fivefold consciousness grid known as a “Matrix” or “Prapancha” was established upon our this planet earth for the human beings to evolve in the lowest five solar planes along with the deva  entities[angelic beings], who are evolving in a parallel evolution upon this planet earth. This fivefold matrix was also known as “Maya” or illusion, which was created by the utilization of a certain group of devas  of the astral plane, who caused to distort the astral light thus making a fivefold illusion in the astral as well as in all the lower sub planes. This Prapancha [means Fivefold illusion] or matrix which was originally established to help the monadic spirit to involve itself in the lower dense planes and sub planes first through its reflected “Soul “ and then its further reflection as the incarnating “Personality” to consciously evolve gaining the material planes experience and then continue back upon the cyclic journey through the evolution process to join back with the Monadic spirit, which is a tiny part of one of the evolving “Prajapati’s” creator logos, which in the earth scheme is the “Prithvi Prajapati” himself [Earth scheme creator logos], who himself is a part or an organ in the body of the solar logos, who himself is the reflected consciousness of the “Grand thinker” of our solar system, but this Prapancha [fivefold matrix] was totally misused instead by the members of the planetary hierarchy of the planet earth to make basically everyone a slave, except those few chosen ones who were ready to further their own deceitful and illegal agenda through the use of wrong Martian rule of “Might is right”, than the true universal law of “Will to do Good”.
This fivefold matrix was established originally in the shape of a “upward pentacle” grid, known as a geometrical dodecahedron grid, but later on as this whole evolution was hijacked, then unfortunately it became a downward pentacle grid, and thus became the source of the illegal control of a “corrupt few”, the so called members of the planetary hierarchy, who became known as the “Black Magicians”, or the members of the “Dark Brotherhood”, who originally were put in place as the “Workers” to watch over the evolution as the “Karma Lords” their consciousness relating to the 4 Prajapati’s [creator logos], which including the Saturn[Shani], Mars [Mangal] etc. originally controlling the energies coming from the “Saturn Scheme”, who is reflection of the “Brahma aspect” in our current solar system, which was thus illegally taken over by the Lunar pitris  from the previous “Failed” Mars chain of our earth scheme, and thus these most corrupt beings, who started calling themselves as the “Mars” entities forcefully took over the evolutionary controls and applied the wrong practices of “Involution” or the furthering of material bondages, and thus became the corrupt overlords of this planet earth, by introducing a wrong policy of “Might is Right” for all the evolving kingdoms upon planet earth, than following the universal policy of “Will to do Good” through the utilization of the “form giving second cosmic aspect” of “Love and Wisdom”, which is also known as the “Vishnu aspect”.  They conveniently forgot the one basic fact that “the Spirit, which is also known as the reflection of the “cosmic fire” and which represent the ethereal nature of the subjective substance is “always free”, under the governance of the dark fire [Kaal Agni], which oversees all the evolution of consciousness expansion within all the “micro and macro” spherical parameters, which are existing in the Infinite Brahmanda [Universe] throughout the objective manifestations. When the vital spirit leaves any objectively manifested dense planet like our “Moon” and planet “Mars”, then the remaining “dense shell or spherical planet form” becomes “devoid of any consciousness vitality or life” and thus slowly go on disintegrating over long periods of time in space.

These so called “karmic lords” sadistically enjoyed being in the position of absolute “power” and called as the “So Called Deities and Gods” for the evolving human beings of the planet earth, but they conveniently forgot one basic fact, that “No pain and suffering was supposed to be in this polarity integration procedure during which “Karmas” as action and reaction were being applied to the evolving human beings as well as other kingdoms”, which was required for the consciousness expansion or the “Higher Mind” attainment in these five worlds of human attainment of which 2 were the Arupa levels [Spiritual or Atmic plane, and the Buddhic or the Wisdom plane], and 3 were the  Rupa levels [Mental or intellect plane, also known as the cosmic gaseous or electrical plane, and the Astral or emotional plane, also known as the Cosmic liquid or magnetic plane, as well as the ethereal vital/and dense physical plane , also known as the Cosmic dense, composed as first 4 sub planes of vital ethers, and 3 dense lowest sub planes of Air, Water and dense Minerals.

These “Karma Lords”, who are the real culprits for getting this planet earth as a place of much “Pain and suffering”, during their such overseeing duties also became sadistic, as they started enjoying playing the role of so called “Gods” and “Deities”, when people suffered and cried for help from them, they “conveniently forgot” that these all evolving beings, who were being tortured through “pain and suffering” will become hardened in their “hearts” and will thus become just like them later on with wrongful and cruel selfish agendas, as they were later on going to take their places in the future, during the course of evolution as per the established plans of the Grand Thinker” whose objective body of manifestation is our established solar system.  

One more “wrong” thing was done by these so called “Karma Lords” to the incarnating “Avatars” which was undue “Torture” upon the physical plane, who voluntarily came to the planet earth to uplift the evolving humanity to set them free from their material bondages, by putting them upon the right path of “Evolution” through the utilization of the second aspect of “Love and Wisdom”, which is the basis of evolution for the entire current “Solar System”.

Being an “Avatara” from the heart center or the Buddhic plane also known as the wisdom plane as it directly correspond to the cosmic Buddhic plane of Ursa Minor constellation especially to the “Pole Star System” [Dhruv Tara], “these all Avatars were free” from all types of karmic bondages related to the three material worlds of mental plane, astral plane, and the vital/physical planes  as they volunteered themselves “to do good “upon the dense physical plane through physical incarnations, but these most corrupt members of the so called “Karmic Hierarchy “ still forcefully applied these so called “Karmas” upon them during their such incarnations in these dense material worlds, and thus illegally and deceitfully tortured them. So now all these so called “Karmic Lords have been condemned for eternity by the “Outfinite supreme Council” through their governing kaal agni [Dark fire] to uphold the universal law of “Will to do Good”.


There are a total of 12 established planetary hierarchies, out of which the first 5 belong to the previous solar system in which they were established to consciously vibrate to the pentacle relationship which was established geometrically between the  star systems of the five cosmic planes, but unfortunately 4 out of the 5 established hierarchies were able to do so, and thus the 5th planetary hierarchy of the previous solar system thus failed.

So according to the universal law of “Will to do Good”, the failed 5th creative hierarchy was allowed to evolve in the current solar system under the influence of the quadrant energy cycle relationship of the 4 cosmic planes , of which are [1] Cosmic Buddhic plane having the star systems of Ursa Minor constellation, [2] Cosmic Mental plane having the star systems of Sirius star systems of Cannes Major constellation, [3] Cosmic Astral plane having the Pleiades star systems of Taurus Constellation, [4] Cosmic Vital/Physical plane of our own solar System having seven planetary schemes. 

There are also two geometrical triangle energy cycle relationships which exist between these five cosmic planes, of which one is representing the lower three cosmic planes known as the inverted triangular energy cycle relationship, and the other representing the higher three cosmic planes in this fivefold cosmic energy relationships.

The lower triangular energy cycle relationship exist between the Cosmic Mental plane, Cosmic Astral plane, and Cosmic Vital/Physical plane, and the higher triangular energy cycle relationship exist between the Cosmic Mental plane, Cosmic Buddhic plane and the Cosmic Spiritual or Cosmic Atmic plane. The Sirius star System existing in the cosmic mental plane act as the Cosmic balancer between these two cosmic energy cycle relationships, and thus Sirius star system is known as the objective manifested body of “Maha Vishnu”.

The established 12 planetary hierarchies are supposed to consciously correspond to these cosmic energy cycles for their own evolution in time and space. In our current solar system, the next  7 out of the 12 planetary hierarchies are involved  to look after all the evolution under the governance of the 4th hidden aspect known as dark fire [kaal agni]. These 12 creative hierarchies also follow a quadrant energy relationships between themselves in the groups of 3 planetary hierarchies at a time, and the current such hierarchical group which is active upon planet earth contains the 4th , 5th and the 6th creative hierarchies. The 4th creative hierarchy out of the group of 7 planetary hierarchies is composed of primarily advanced human beings like adepts and the masters who have liberated themselves from the material bondages of the 3 worlds, which is technically the 9th creative hierarchy out of the group of 12, as the first 5 planetary hierarchies belong to the previous solar system. The 4th creative hierarchy celebrates their major festival on the September 21, the autumn equinox, as they control the energies from the Scorpio constellation which was represented as the phoenix bird representing liberation from old and then born again as new by the expansion of consciousness through the fire of mind. This creative hierarchy primarily works with the planet earth’s magnetic energies.

The 5th creative hierarchy is primarily a deva hierarchy mostly composed of the hermaphrodite deva or angelic beings, which are known as the fiery dragons of wisdom. They control the mental plane activities through the control of the Capricorn constellation energies, which in India is known as the Makra Rashi [Makra meaning the crocodiles, who were originally part of the dinosaur family, which were represented as the dragons in ancient times, and mind in ancient times was depicted with the “fire” symbol as expanding consciousness and now a days it is depicted with a flame or a light bulb]. They relate themselves to the energies of planet Venus [Shukra Graha], and thus esoterically termed as the Venetians, that is why since ancient times the goddess of desires of the liquid or astral plane  [Ganga and Narmada] and wealth [Kaamdeva]is always shown sitting upon a Makra[Crocodile]. In ancient Egypt Crocodile was associated with the God Sobek, who had a crocodile face, and revered as the god of river Nile, who was later on associated with the creator god Ra [Sun] which as codified depicted the planet Venus as a small sun, known as the brightest planet of the skies thus called as the morning and the evening star, which thus codified the secret that all the mental plane devas known as Makras, and also as the “Agni Shveta” devas originated from the solar Sun. [“Agni shveta” a Sanskrit word means the flaming white]

The 6th creative hierarchy known as the “Agni Surya devas”[The Sanskrit word Agni Surya means the “fire of the sun” or the golden fire devas or angelic beings], is also primarily a deva hierarchy mostly composed of the hermaphrodite devas or angelic beings, which are known as deva of the emotions and desires or the astral plane devas. They are mostly those hermaphrodite devas who prefer mostly to play the feminine roles as representatives of the “Pluto Consciousness”, which are governed by the lunar pitris claiming to be a part of the “Mars” consciousness.

 These 6th creative hierarchy deva groups were illegally controlling the planet earth’s evolution through the use of energy of planet earth itself as well those cosmic energies which originated in the Sagittarius constellation primarily from its two cosmic energy portals known as “Nakshatras”, which are known as the “Purva Ashadha having the primarily or the main star solar systems of “Delta and Epsilon Sagittarii”, and Uttara Ashadha” having the primarily or the main star solar systems of “Zeta and Sigma Sagittarii”.

In ancient Egypt the elemental devas of the astral plane were known as the ushabti (also called shabti or shawabti, which were the nature spirits of the afterlife [astral plane], and were represented by tiny human looking figurines with inscribed mantras for their invocation to perform certain duties in the afterlife, which were thus buried ritualistically along with the mummy and generally covered the floor around the sarcophagus containing the mummified body. Some ancient Egyptian tombs contained the figure of an overseer or 'Reis' ushabtis holding a whip, which were responsible for the groups of ten ushabti each as they were supposed to protect their master from any calamity arising in the afterlife from  the 10 directions [dishas], as the number ten represented the 10 types of energy distribution systems of our solar system which act as its manifested organs represented by the manifested bodies of the 10 planetary scheme creator logos also known as the 10 grahas but are always known as the 9 grahas or “Navagrahas” because the “Saturn [Shani] “ plays a double role as being part of the first or the primary group of the synthesizing “3” creator logos of our solar system which are the

Uranus[Father], Neptune[Son], and Saturn [Shani also known as the holy ghost], as well as the secondary group of the “7” creator logos of our solar system, which are Vulcan [Vishvakarma], Venus [Shukra], Mars[Mangal], Earth [Prithvi], Mercury [Budh], Jupiter [Brahaspati or Guru], and Saturn [Shani],  which are currently involved in the consciousness expansion of our solar system, and thus in ancient Egypt 10 was an common administrative division and was even applied in daily life for example in the armies of ancient Egypt. These Shabtis were made from various materials including wood, terracotta, glass as well as metals etc., mostly as the small figures of the adult male and female human forms, upon which were inscribed special sacred mystical formulas [Mantras], supposed to be recited by the deceased in the afterlife in the astral plane to perform their specific duties of his or her behalf.

The Egyptian conception of the universe centered on “Ma'at”, which meant “Intellect” or mind through consciousness expansion in time and space, which was the fixed, eternal order of the universe, both in the cosmos as well as in the human society. It had existed since the creation of the world, and without it the world would lose its cohesion. In Egyptian belief, Ma'at was constantly under threat from the forces of disorder, so all of society was required to maintain it. On the human level this meant that all members of society should cooperate and coexist, and on the cosmic level it meant that all of the forces of nature represented by the gods should continue to function in balance. The Egyptians through their religious practices sought to maintain the Ma'at or the consciousness expansion in the cosmos [heavens] by sustaining the gods through offerings and by performing rituals which kept off the disorder and thus maintained the continuation cycles of nature in time and space.

The most important part of the Egyptian view of the cosmos was the conception of time, which was greatly concerned with the maintenance of Maat [intellect, this word is still used in india as “Mati”denoting intellect]. The ancient Egyptians had known that throughout the linear passage of time, a spiraling cyclical pattern recurred, in which Maat was renewed by the periodic events which reflected the original creation. Among these cyclic events were the annual Nile flood and the succession from one king to another, but the most important was the daily journey of the sun god Ra from the sky to the underworld and then back to the skies, but this was codified for the learning priests, the cyclic journey of the soul or sol [sol in Latin means sun] first coming from the netherworld [astral plane] to the physical plane in  objective manifestation as the “personality” in a incarnated human form and then after gaining the material world experience in the physical world going back to the netherworld [astral plane], the magnetic liquid plane of the
emotions and desires .

When envisioning the shape of the cosmos, the Egyptians saw the earth as a flat expanse of land, personified by the god Geb [later on known as the archangel Gabriel], over which arched the sky goddess Nut [the 5th creative hierarchy devas related to mother aspect creating the thought forms upon the mental plane], and these two were separated by Shu, the god of air[the collective consciousness of devas of the air or ether]. Beneath the earth lay a parallel underworld [Patala or astral plane], and beyond the skies lay the infinite expanse of god Nu, the chaos that had existed before creation. The Egyptians also believed in a place called the Duat, a mysterious region associated with death and rebirth [Sva loka also known as the “heaven world’  or the three lower sub planes of the mental plane known as the lower mind where you stay before reincarnating again in the physical worlds for gaining the material world experience required for the consciousness expansion during the soul cycles of 25920 years calculated by ancient Egyptians based upon 72 x 360 = 25620 earth years or 71 x 360 = 25560 years calculated by other cultures related to the precession of equinox, which depended upon the 71.5 years taken in calculations as 71 or 72, as it takes that time period for the sun appearing as moving from one zodiacal constellation to the another ]. Each day, the sun god “Ra’ traveled over the earth across the underside of the sky, and at night he passed through the Duat to be reborn at dawn depicting the process of reincarnation.


According the ancient Egyptians, this cosmos was inhabited by three types of sentient beings. The highest ones were the gods, the other was the spirits of deceased humans [pitris], who existed in the divine realms and possessed many of higher abilities like the gods. The third category consisted of incarnated living human beings, and the most important among them was their king pharaoh, who bridged the human and the divine realms, as most of the Egyptian pharaohs were initiated in the ancient mysteries of the cosmos by the Egyptian priests, and were thus given the title of “Moses” which meant “born again” like the modern day “Born again” Christians.

The born again ritual was also followed by the ancient learned Brahmins of India who were known as “Dvija” (Sanskrit twice-born)after their such initiations [The ‘Dvija’ meant the one with a second birth, as it explained that the first birth is a physical birth of incarnation, and the second birth occurs when one is initiated into the ultimate pursuit of higher life according to the Brahma Gyana  or Brahma Sutras, thus learning the secrets related to the Brahm, the creator and his creation, or learning the  nature of Brahman, who is the supreme or ultimate reality, which in the ancient times were given as initiation by the gurus at their hermitages, known as the initiation ritual of Upanayanam Samskara.

So a Dvija [Twice Born or Born again] is a follower of the Vedic life, which is governed by his dutiful Karmas, which are based upon his understanding of the concept of Dharma and Adharma [knowledge of right and wrong thus making a choice of disciplined actions], thus having a cultured conduct beneficial to all. His life is thus governed by, Karya-Akaryam (good and bad deeds) and Vidhi-Nisheda (Prescribed and Proscribed actions) as determined by the ancient Shastras. Thus a Dvija does what he ought to do rather than what he wants to do. He does not avoid what he dislikes rather he avoids what ought to be avoided.

And this process of initiation as being reborn in ancient knowledge was also codified in the story of Phoenix Bird who is born again from the fire ashes [fire ashes means the expanded consciousness free from the material bondage], reflecting thus their such learning’s and knowledge of the divine, and because of that many of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had their names as “Tut moses” and “Ahmoses” like the Pharaoh Kamose, who was the last king of the Theban Seventeenth Dynasty, and Pharaoh Ahmoses I, who was the founder of the 18th dynasty. Pharaoh Ahmose I name is also written as Amoses I, meaning born of the Moon, as well as the Pharaoh Tuthmoses I [meaning born of Thoth], who was the third Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty , and his son prince Amenmoses who predeceased his father, and Pharaoh Tuthmoses II,  who was queen Hatshepsut's Husband etc.

In this current evolutionary time cycle of planet earth which is the 4th round, 3 planetary hierarchies correspond  to the 3 great ages in the great season of Scorpio [Vrishka Rashi] codified as the Phoenix bird. These 3 great ages are known as the great ages of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, in which first is [1] the age of Scorpio which is governed by the 4th creative hierarchy also known as the human hierarchy related to the planet earth’s consciousness and supported by the other two deva hierarchies namely the 5th and the 6th creative planetary hierarchy, while in the second great age which is supposed to be the age of Sagittarius [2]it has illegally and deceitfully become the age of Capricorn [Makras] instead of Sagittarius [Dhanush which means a bow], which is deceitfully governed by the 5th creative planetary hierarchy mostly composed of the devas or the angelic beings known as the venetians, who control the mental plane supported by the other two planetary creative hierarchies namely the 4th and the 6th, and the [3] third great age thus wrongly became the great age of Sagittarius [Dhanush]as instead it should have governed the second great age, and this great age of Sagittarius [Dhanush] is governed by another deceitful group of devas known as the “Martians”, which compose the 6th creative planetary hierarchy of our planet earth which is supported by the 4th and 5th creative
planetary hierarchies.

For the understanding of the evolutionary plans during these important great ages in this 4th round, the site of Giza plateau was chosen where both the evolving Sumerian race which is part of the 5th human race known as the Aryan race met with the concepts of Atlantian race as the melting pot. This Sumerian race was earlier established from the chosen group of the earlier 4th root race known as the “Atlantian Race” which evolved upon the great land mass of “Atlantis” which at that time joined the south America with Africa.

The three great pyramids were established as an objective manifestation of the codified knowledge of the evolutionary plans for consciousness expansion of the entire solar system evolving through its 10 solar planes, in which first the evolution takes place through the first 7 evolutionary solar planes each having their 7 sub planes thus the solar system having a total of 7 x 7 =  49 sub planes corresponding to the seven planetary schemes, which are the manifested bodies of the 7 evolving “Sub Thinkers” known as the creator logos or Prajapati’s, then later on the final three synthesizing solar planes representing the final three synthesizing schemes of the solar system known as planetary schemes of Saturn, Neptune and Uranus each having seven sub planes each thus having more a total of 3 x 7 = 21 sub planes, and thus added together they become 49 +21 = 70 or 7+0 = 7, which is the true number of the solar logos of our solar system, and this number “7” is also the number of our planetary earth scheme logos. These final 3 synthesizing schemes correspond to the three small pyramids in front of three great pyramids.
Out of the three great Pyramids which were established as codifications upon earth following these evolutionary plans for the solar system, the great pyramid of Giza without its cap stone depicted the evolution of a common human being evolving in the three dense worlds, namely the lower mental plane, the Astral plane , and the vital plane combined with the dense physical plane.

The lower mental plane is composed of the 4 sub planes in the descending order [the 4th, the 5th, the 6th and the 7th mental sub planes]. It is the 4th mental sub plane where the “Souls” of all incarnated human beings exist in their casual bodies in energy floral formations, which the eastern occult theology calls it as a lotus formation of 12 lotus petals, and out of these 12 energy petal formations, the 9 lotus petals exist in the three outer rings, each ring having 3 energy petals thus a total of 3 x 3 = 9 energy petals, and the final 3 energy petals in the bud formation are covering the radiant bluish white energy in its center which is known as the “Soul”.
While in the western occult theology this floral energy formation is referred as the “Rose” flower of 12 petals, of these 12 energy petal formations, the 9 rose petals exist in the three outer rings, each ring having 3 energy petals thus a total of 3 x 3 = 9 energy petals, and the final 3 energy petals in the rosebud formation are covering the radiant bluish white energy in its center which is known as the “Soul”.

And in the ancient Egypt, the “Soul” or the higher self controlling the “life” was depicted as the symbol of “Ankh” in the hand of goddess Isis , and the goddess Isis represented the feminine venetian collective consciousness of the 5th planetary creative deva hierarchy [planetary Venus Consciousness], which control the mental plane.

Total Evolutionary PlanNumerically represented as 5 + 8 + 9 + 3 = 25reduced to number "7" which is the number of the Cosmic Plane in which our solar system exists. The number of the Solar Logos as well as the planetary logos.

18 + 17 + 14 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 70. Thus 70 was considered the most auspicious number in ancient Egypt even the funeral rituals took 70 days for the mummification process.


Following the great evolutionary master plan of the entire solar System in the dense physical plane, the three great pyramids, and three small pyramids were established upon the Giza plateau so they  will inspire the seekers and onlookers to question the real meaning of such creations, so that they can unlock the mysteries which are the codifications of the entire knowledge of the planes and sub planes of the solar system, to be attained in the later times by the evolving human societies of planet earth, which as advanced knowledge are very much required for the conscious expansion of all the existing entities and beings of planet earth.
The 3 great pyramids represented the evolutionary process to proceed in the 49 sub planes of the 7 solar planes as well as the evolution of the 7 creator logos, who are the consciousness of 7 “Grahas” [These creator logos are the 7 Prajapati’s, whose objective manifested dense bodies are the planets [1] Vulcan [Vishvakarma], [2] Venus [Shukra], [3]Mars [Mangal], [4] Earth [Prithvi], [5] Mercury [Budh], [6] Jupiter [Brahaspati or Guru], [7] Saturn [Shani].

These 3 great pyramids of the Giza plateau thus depicted the evolutionary plans in their entirety, while the 3 smaller pyramids represented the evolution of the final 3 synthesizing creator logos [The final 3 “Sub Thinkers” also known as the 3 synthesizing Prajapati’s are Uranus, Neptune and Saturn] each having the final synthesis done in their own 7 differentiated sub planes, which are the “Father, Son and the Holy ghost” in our current solar system.  At the completion of the current consciousness expansion experiment in the Cosmic Vital /Physical plane, which is objectively manifested our current Solar System, the first final synthesis was supposed to be done by the Saturn creator logos [The Holy ghost Shani Prajapati], and the second synthesis was supposed to be done by the Neptune creator logos[Christos consciousness, the Son], and the final and the third synthesis was supposed to be done by the Uranus creator logos [The father logos], provided this whose grand experiment follows the evolutionary plans based upon the universal law of “Will to do Good”.

The great cap less pyramid of Giza represents the 18 sub planes of the serpent power [Kundalini Shakti also symbolically depicted in India since ancient times as the 18 hands mother goddess, which is the vital force in the ”Trilokas” [three worlds], or the Brahma shakti of the 3 material worlds known as “Bhu, Bhava and Sva” lokas or the lower mental plane having its 4 lowest sub planes [4th, 5th, 6th, and the 7th sub planes], the astral plane having its 7 sub planes, the vital plane having its 4 ethereal sub planes, and the lowest dense physical plane having its 3 dense sub planes of Air, Water and dense minerals]. These 18 sub planes are the most important sub planes for the evolving humanity to experience the material personality through various reincarnations during their soul life of 25920 or 25560 years soul cycle, before finally joining with their higher self or the “Soul” consciousness existing upon the middle or the 4th sub plane of the mental plane, which is represented by the top level of this cap less pyramid. So this great pyramid represents the evolution of the human beings of the material dense 3 worlds to free themselves from the material plane bondage and thus become a part of the all seeing eye which is composed or consisting of the evolved and liberated from the material bondage soul groups, existing as the collective consciousness centers in the manifested body of the planetary logos. The great pyramid of the Giza technically represented the mutable cross of the heavens, which represented the four zodiacal constellations of Gemini [Mithuna Rashi], Virgo [Kanya Rashi], Sagittarius [Dhanush Rashi], and Pisces Meen Rashi]. It is also known as the Common Cross because it conditions the common herd of sheep [codified for the humans who are still attracted to the material world objectivity of emotions and glamour], which is the mass or majority of humanity evolving upon planet earth. [Later on depicted in the story of Jesus in the Bible as the cross of the thief who did not wanted to repent or change].

This great pyramid also related to the third major cosmic ray, the ray of Intellectual activity known as the third cosmic aspect known as the aspect of the Brahma [holy spirit], which further differentiated itself into fivefold consciousness of objective mind, differentiated as the five lower rays, which are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th rays. So the great pyramid of Giza was also known as the mountain or the “Pyramid of the Holy Spirit], or the pyramid of the mother goddess. This pyramid thus represented the Mutable Cross of the four major energies which produce the conditioning circumstances which transform the personality of evolving animal man into an aspirant for true or higher knowledge.  It is, therefore, the Cross of the personality or of the steadily developing and finally integrating human being with his own higher self, the “soul”. This takes place at first in response to created circumstance and later on to his soul existing in the 4th mental sub plane in a floral energy formation, thus consciously corresponding to its
frequency impulses.

So this great pyramid corresponding to the mutable cross of the zodiac thus represented the change related to the magnetic fluidity of the desires of mind [Kama Manas] as well as those constantly altering environments related to the “actions and reactions” known as “Karmas”, which cause the soul existing within the incarnated form as the “Personality” to sway from the one extreme of experience to another, so that the life constantly shifted  between the pairs of opposites,  which are spirit and matter, to achieve its balance or polarity integration, through the utilization of the second cosmic aspect, which is known as “Cosmic Christos” or “Maha Vishnu” as Love and Wisdom or Attraction or Repulsion, for this reason this pyramid was also referred to as the pyramid of the “hidden Horus”, or later on known as the pyramid of “hidden Christ”, as it corresponded to the mutable cross of the zodiac which is the Cross of the responsive form, nurturing and developing the life of the indwelling Christ consciousness, which is the personality consciousness known as the hidden Soul or the higher self also known as the Lord “God” of the Human Being.

This all seeing eye depicted as the cap stone of the great pyramid thus became the codified base of the “second or the middle pyramid” in the group of these 3 great pyramids of Giza depicting the base as the 3 sub planes of the higher mental plane, which contained the highest 3 sub planes of the mental plane [1st, 2nd and the 3rd sub planes]. This second or the middle Pyramid of the Giza plateau had a total of 17 sub planes, or one sub plane less than the 18 sub planes of the great pyramid of the Giza, hence it was little shorter in height than the great pyramid of Giza.

The 17 sub planes represented in this middle pyramid belonged to also the three solar planes [Higher Mental or Intellect plane, Buddhic or the Wisdom plane, and the Atmic or Spiritual plane]. The 17 sub planes thus consisted of the 3 higher sub planes of the mental plane, 7 sub planes of the Buddhic or mental plane, and the 7 sub planes of the Atmic or Spiritual plane, thus having the representation of a total sum of 3 + 7 + 7 = 17 solar sub planes.

The 7 sub plane counting from the base of this middle pyramid is of utmost importance for an evolving creator logos [Prajapati],  which is the 4th Buddhic or wisdom sub plane also known as the 4th sub differentiated cosmic ethereal sub plane of the Buddhic plane which itself is composed of the 4th cosmic ether, and thus is this vital or Pranic sub plane very important, which is required for the dense body of a creator logos [Prajapati], hence all the pranic bodies of all the creator logos [prajapati’s] are established upon this sub plane during their evolution in incarnated
dense bodies.

So, as there are 7 vital energy centers [Chkaras] in the pranic body of each prajapati [creator logos], so being the 7 pranic bodies of 7 creator logos [prajapati’s] present upon this sub plane, there are a total of 7 x7 = 49 energy distribution centers [pranic chakras]upon this most important 4th or the middle sub plane which are composed of various masters, adepts and their initiated members, who are controllers as well as part and parcel of the manifested bodies of these “Sub Thinkers”[creator logos], who are known as the seven spirits before the throne.
The 17 sub planes of this middle pyramid, when reduced becomes the number 1 + 7 = 8, which is the number of infinity or the Vishnu or the Christos [Christ consciousness], hence in ancient times it was known as the pyramid of the “Horus”. Horus is a codified word for “Sol” and thus considered as the son [sun or Sol or soul] of Osiris [Spirit], the tiny part as monad of the creator logos. Thus Horus  in ancient times [Christos consciousness]was represented as the fire bird “phoenix” in ancient Egypt depicting the expanding or enlightened mind, which thus corresponded to the “water’ sign of the zodiac ” which is Scorpio [Vrishka Rashi], depicted by the phoenix the bird symbol, as the water sign  codifically represented the magnetic “Liquid Astral plane. Similarly much later Christ was also represented by the fish symbol again through the water sign of the zodiac which is Pisces [Meen Rashi].

Because this middle pyramid represented the “Maha Vishnu” or the Christ consciousness of the fixed cross, representing the collective consciousness of all the masters, adepts and initiated members including those deva entities having a parallel evolution who have attained the liberation from the 3 dense material worlds [mental, astral, and vital/physical worlds], this pyramid was thus constructed behind the Sphinx representing the “God” consciousness as the combined energies of polarity integrated Leo [Simha Rashi] and Virgo [Kanya Rashi] constellations and was thus directly linked to it through the passageways.

Thus both infants Horus and Christ [sols or suns] were shown as being cared and loved by their mothers Isis and Mary, as both mothers through the codifications represented the form giving “matter aspect” provided by and through the hermaphrodite angelic beings [devas] of 3 worlds [lokas] , which is required for a soul to experience the dense material world as a reflected “Personality” during physical incarnation in the physical plane. 

According to the evolutionary plans meant for this current solar system, this middle of the 3 great pyramids was codified as depicting the fixed cross of the heavens, as it is the cross of movement in the Right Direction [counter or anti clockwise], which the universal direction for the consciousness expansion . It is the Cross of "fixed vision and of that immovable intent which draws the evolved human from points of light to blazing solar radiance.  The evolved human being who is existing upon the Fixed Cross, consciously attains the intuitional fact of wisdom, that says: "I am the radiant soul and no ignorance shall remove me from my this position upon which I consciously exist, as I know now that “I am the Light” and in that light I also see the Light of wisdom."

So it is the fixed Cross, whose four cosmic energies harmoniously blend, and then transmit these blended energies as the radiant harmonized energy of our current solar system, as the solar system itself is technically a receiver of the cosmic energies. The energies of this middle Cross continue to evoke response in the life of an evolving human being through its energy impulses until the third initiation [Diksha] takes place.

The four zodiacal constellations of this fixed Cross are Taurus [Vrishbha Rashi], Leo [Simha Rashi], Scorpio [Vrishka Rashi], and Aquarius [Kumbha Rashi]. It is called the Fixed Cross because once the evolved human being has consciously stretched his consciousness upon it through the related 4 cosmic energies forming this zodiacal cross by the directional impulses and evolutionary intent of his soul [the “I am factor”], then there is no turning back again toward the lower planes for the involution in the material worlds.

Inside the great pyramid The sub level of the great pit in the bottom explained the formless existences of the 3 types of elemental devas which corresponded to the three differentiated aspects of the "Grand thinker" represented by the solar logs of our Solar system [these elemental devas are related to the 1st or Shiva aspect also known as the father aspect [Osirius], the 2 nd or Vishnu aspect also known as the son aspect [Horus], and the 3rd or the Brahma aspect known as the holy spirit [Isis].

The angular passageway joining the various chambers inside the great pyramid depicted the "Angular Movement" of evolving human consciousness from "one plane to another", and the so called "queens chamber" depicted the "Vital plane" or the energy level of the Vital or Pranic body, which is also known as the vital body of a human being, the conscious vital energy frame upon which a dense physical human body exist during incarnation. The so called "Kings chamber" depicted the "Astral Plane", which is the "Magnetic plane of liquid emotions", the empty sarcophagus in its center depicted the placement of "Astral body" in the "Astral plane" which the expanding consciousness of the higher self called "Soul" utilizes during involution and evolution during its various incarnations.

This sarcophagus placed in this room was always empty as it represented the emotional magnetic body, also commonly known as the dream body, which a human being cannot see or physically touch, until usually during the sleep time, or during meditation.

This astral plane chamber now known as the "Kings Chamber' had two shafts in the walls going in upward directions, of which one related this chamber to the "Cosmic Astral Plane" with the Pleiades star system, as well as the other to the Cosmic Buddhic Plane with the Pole star [Dhruv Tara], as one was established toward the Pleiades star "Alcyone", and the other toward the "Pole star", as they were thus established to acquire the corresponding cosmic balancing energies depicting the "Christos or Vishnu" aspect following the lines of least resistance thus depicting these cosmic energy relationships.

The so called "kings chamber" was established as quite roomy and big, as it depicted the current state of evolution during the 4th round upon planet earth, during which the expanding consciousness of the majority of evolving humanity of planet earth is polarized in the emotional or Astral plane to acquire their polarity integration between "Matter and Spirit" through their consciousness reflections, known as the "Personality and Soul".[personality is the indwelling consciousness of a human being bound in a incarnated form body composed of elemental deva essences, and the soul is his own radiant higher self, who is experiencing though his consciousness reflection known as personality].

Higher above the so called "Kings Chamber", there were also established five small chambers upon this "Kings chamber" which reflected the five heaven worlds [the lowest 5 th , 6th and 7th metal sub planes and the 1st and 2nd highest astral planes], which are related to the desire mind[Kama Manas], also known as the lower mind related to the material desires to experience the material worlds [Trilokas] during various incarnations, through the utilization of fivefold rays of mind [3 rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th rays] which are related to the fivefold senses of a evolving human being, thus also related to the fivefold matrix grid also Known as "Prapancha"[fivefold illusion or "Maya"].


The smallest pyramid in the group of these 3 great pyramids of Giza plateau in Egypt, represent the highest two solar planes of our solar system, which are the 1st and the 2nd solar planes known as the Adi [ancient] or divine plane, and the Monadic or Archetype plane, each solar plane having 7 sub planes each, so the smallest pyramid in the group of these 3 pyramids represented 14 sub planes.

These both highest solar planes are composed of 1st and 2nd differentiation of the cosmic ether and are thus known as the planes of "Shiva" or the father aspect and "Vishnu" or the son aspect respectively. So this smallest pyramid represents only two levels, the top and bottom. The bottom level of the pyramid representing the 7 differentiated sub planes of 2nd solar plane which is known as the "Archetype plane", and thus represent the monadic patterns of the 7 creator logos [Prajapati's] required for building the various forms in the 3 dense lower solar planes, which are known as the Mental plane, the astral plane and the dense vital/physical plane.

These 7 sub planes of the Archetype plane which represented the bottom part of this smallest pyramid are very important for the creation of all patterns, later to manifest as various forms in the 3 objective dense solar planes [lower Mental, astral, and Vital/Physical planes]. The second half of the pyramid or the top portion of this smallest pyramid represented the first or Adi [ancient] plane] also known as the divine plane.

This is the representation of the first or start up solar plane of our current solar system, which comes in manifestation due to the cosmic impulses of the "Grand thinker", which originally start from the 4th or the middle sub plane of the Cosmic mental plane, which is represented by the Sirius star system, and from there they are first received by the seven star systems of Pleiades existing in the Cosmic Astral planet, from where from its 7th or lowest cosmic astral sub plane these cosmic energy impulses are sent further to manifest as our objective vital/physical cosmic plane in the manifested form of our own solar system, having 10 vortex of energies as its manifested organs known as the objective bodies of the 10 Sub thinkers known as the 10 creator logos, of which the 3 are considered as the major synthesizing creator logos while the other 7 are considered as the minor creator logos [prajapati's] of our solar system.

So the total sub planes represented by this smallest pyramid are 7 +7 = 14, a number which further mathematically reduced becomes 1+4 = 5, which is the number symbolically represented by a geometrical shape in the form of an energy "Pentacle" used in the creation of the consciousness grid around planet earth known as "Prapancha" or fivefold "Matrix" related to the fivefold cosmic energy of the 5 mind rays of intellectual activity , which are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th , and the 7th rays which are technically the 5 sub rays of the 2nd cosmic ray, which is the major cosmic ray depicting the Cosmic Christos consciousness [Maha Vishnu] aspect for our entire solar system during this current evolutionary period required for the consciousness expansion of the solar logos. This pyramid is thus known the pyramid of the highly evolved beings and entities representing the monadic consciousness of the creator logos who are known as the "Deities'. In ancient Egyptian times the Cosmic Christos was depicted as "Osiris", and later that position was taken over by "Horus".

This smallest pyramid out of the three great pyramids of Giza plateau also corresponds to the smallest Cross of the heavens which is known as the "Cardinal Cross" where according to the codified occult knowledge; the monadic Spirit is stretched in time and space. Its four cosmic energies thus govern and direct the evolved spirit as it moves forward upon the evolutionary Path of cosmic Initiation in a very exalted a state of consciousness.

The cardinal cross represents the energies received from the 4 Zodiacal constellations which are Aries [Mesha rashi], Cancer [Karka Rashi], Libra [Tula rashi], and the Capricorn [Makra Rashi], which are the most important zodiacal constellations out of the group of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. These 4 constellations are representing the initiating and the synthesizing energies of our infinite Brahmanda [universe].

The cardinal cross is, thus the heavenly Cross of cosmic Initiation." These 4 cosmic energies represented by this zodiacal cross reveal to the evolved spirit under the governance of kaal agni [dark fire], the beginning of the infinite Way of cosmic Revelation, which starts first when the so called "Nirvana" is attained [liberation of the evolving consciousness from the lower dense planes] and for which all the previous stages upon the evolutionary path have been set in the three lower dense solar planes [Mental plane, astral plane, vital/physical plane], to move forward according to the grand experiment of conscious expansion in time and space.

This cross represents the glorified Christos consciousness or all the goodness, required for the eradication of sorrow and ignorance upon the planet Earth by the love and compassion of the great entities and beings from the heart center including the great masters who are devoted toward the spiritual civilization of the center of the universe, which is our this planet earth [when considering all the planets of our solar system existing in the 7 planetary schemes, which are manifested in Arupa [unseen] and Rupa [seen]frequency levels, thus making it a Heaven, to uphold the one and only universal law of "Will to do Good", of which Nirvana is just the beginning upon the evolutionary path.

This is the true Cross of the love and wisdom based upon the "Will to do Good" or the sacred cross of divine spirit and the higher mind, truly defining the significance of the words like Omnipresence and Omniscience, and the word, Omnipotence.

The cosmic energies of the Cardinal Cross blend with the energies of Antariksh Agni [cosmic fire], as they carry the quality [frequency vibrations] of the "Supreme thinker" who is constantly being watched over by the governing dark fire [kaal agni], under the quantum energy control of the "Outfinite supreme council", and are thus "tinctured with the cosmic energy as Light emanations of the seven solar systems" of which our solar system is one.

The "Prithvi Prajapati" or our own Planetary Earth scheme Logos [Christ consciousness], is consciously stretched upon the 4 arms of this cardinal cross of the heavens, as a liberated cosmic being. The Cardinal Cross is the Cross of the Cosmic Fire[Antariksh Agni], the Father or the first aspect of the threefold differentiated sacred Trinity, Who sent forth the vital breath [Holy Spirit] under the governance of kaal agni [dark fire] to interact with the nebulae matter of the previous solar system though the second aspect or the Son consciousness [Vishnu aspect], who thus fulfilled the universal law of "Will to do Good" in cooperation with the Holy Spirit [Brahma aspect] in response to the cosmic energy impulses of the initiating Father.

In ancient Egypt this sacred trinity was depicted as the father god "Osiris" representing the spirit aspect, and the son god "Horus", as the balance between the spirit and matter, and the Holy spirit as the goddess "Isis" denoting the mother or matter aspect. The role of "Osiris" and Horus was interchangeable during those times, as "Horus" took the place of his dead father according to Egyptian priesthood codifying the fact of the three electric differentiations as the 3 "Wills" or desires of the "Cosmic Thinker", which later on the great Avatar Jesus explained by stating that "I and my father are one". Thus both the spirit and mater are "one and the same" for an advanced knower of spiritual knowledge, as for him the densest part of the "Spirit" is known as the "Matter", and the rarest or light part of "Matter" is known as the "Spirit", always being balanced by the son aspect in the manifested time and space of the spherical Infinite Brahmanda [universe] under the governance of the 4th hidden aspect known as "Kaal Agni" [dark fire].

According to the codified evolutionary plans of the solar system, upon which these pyramids of the Giza plateau were constructed in time and space of the physical plane, the three small pyramids in front of the three main great pyramids were constructed to codify the great knowledge of the evolution of our solar system, as these 3 small pyramids through codified knowledge represented the final three synthesizing schemes of our solar system, as they represented the first 3 conscious differentiations of the solar logos, as the father aspect represented by the Uranus planetary scheme, as the son aspect represented by the Neptune planetary scheme, and the Holy Ghost aspect represented by Saturn planetary scheme.

Each of these 3 small pyramids represent the 7 sub planes of each of these 3 planetary schemes in which the top 3 sub planes act as to the corresponding three major differentiated aspects of the "Grand thinker" thus making a 10 level consciousness synthesis in each of these 3 synthesizing planetary schemes of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.

Thus the total 21 sub planes of the 3 synthesizing schemes are represented collectively by the 3 small standing pyramids of the Giza plateau standing next to the three great pyramids of Giza [7 + 7 + 7 = 21], or in occult sense considered as 10 + 10 +10 = 30 sub planes when taking in consideration separately again the final synthesizing aspect of the 3 top sub planes in each of these 3 synthesizing planetary schemes.

So if looking at these 3 small pyramids representing their sub plane levels as 7 + 7 +7 = 21, and when mathematically reduced further produces the number 2 + 1 = 3, which is the number representing the 3 cosmic electric Will differentiations of the "Grand Thinker", or if considering the final separate synthesizing action of the top 3 sub planes depicted in each of these pyramids thus counting them as twice for their double action, each pyramid will codifically represent 10 sub planes each, thus becoming the collective number as 10 +10 +10 = 30, and when mathematically reduced further produces the number 2 + 1 = 3, and this number "3" again is the number representing the 3 cosmic electric Will differentiations of the "Grand Thinker".


In the very ancient times the land of “Khem” now known as Egypt was established at the juncture where the two great evolving cultures [Ancient Atlantian [4th root race] and the Sumerian[5th root race also known as the Aryan race] met to fuse together, in which have evolved both the right hand and left hand spiritual practices.

Originally the right hand practices were established by the ancient Atlantians, following the worship of the spirit of the solar “Sun’ as being the objective manifestation of the solar logos and the “Moon” as the spirit of our planet earth, as the moon cycles controlled and affected all the evolution upon the planet earth [Prithvi], so mostly all the ancient calendars were based upon the moon cycles, and for their worship they made the pyramid templess dedicated to the worship of both “Moon and the Sun”.

On the other hand the Ancient Sumerians started worshipping the energy distribution organs of the “Sor Mandal” [solar logos], or the objective manifestations of the 7 “Sub thinkers” known as the creator logos [Prajapati’s], also known as the 7 spirits before the throne, who objective manifestations as dense physical planets in their planetary schemes are known as their spirit manifestation objective bodies or the consciousness embodying houses called the “Grahas”, which were later on known as the left hand practices or the wrong path, as it started the worship of the “creation” rather than the “creator”, which happens to be the solar logos, the reflected consciousness and the objective body manifestation of the “Grand Thinker”, in whose objectively manifested body known as the “Sor Mandal [solar system], they all exist only as his energy distribution systems for the accomplishment of consciousness expansion in time and space. Thus the so called many gods and goddesses other than the holy trinity representing the consciousness of these creator logos [Prajapatis] with further various differentiations came in existence, [Holy trinity is the threefold consciousness differentiation of the solar logos himself].
And Egypt being the melting pot for these both ancient evolving cultures thus became the chosen ground upon the planet earth for the advancement of both the knowledges. So in ancient Egypt two very different schools for spiritualism [the knowledge related to the spirit] were established to deal with the right hand practices and the left hand practices. Most people preferred the left hand practices as they were easier to practice, as well as they gave them more material benefits which were required In their daily lives, which thus gave rise to the black magic due to their deceitful and illegal desires in which they used these left hand practices, rather than the right hand practices which required more purified ways of life, which instead of material benefits provided the joining of the indwelling personality [the ancient Egyptians called it “Ka”], with the higher self known as the “soul”[the ancient Egyptians called it “Ba”]. The Ka was regarded by the Egyptians as the “vital essence of consciousness” or “personality”, which made a person alive, and at the time of physical death the “ka“left the physical body. The ancient Egyptians called the “Pranic or vital body as Sheut [šwt ] the body double, which was always present during his incarnated life, as a person could not exist without a shadow, nor a shadow without a person.

The right hand practices employed the techniques based upon “Love and wisdom”, the 2nd major aspect upon which our whole solar system is evolving while the left hand practices just employed the “Sheer Will force”, the 1st major aspect which was meant for the next solar system , billions of years from now. They employed the knowledge of mystical formulas [Mantras, or the collection of spells], by chanting them.

The right hand practices were taught in the Egyptian mystery schools as the practices of “The right eye of Horus”, and the left hand practices were taught as the practices of “The left eye of Horus”.

The left hand practitoners became thus separated from their own evolving soul established upon the upon the top most 18th sub plane if counting from the bottom represented by the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza, as they indulged more and more in black magic, and during their such practices they learnt the secret of “Akh”  as It was associated with their thoughts, and through an action of the mind they reanimated the “decomposing vitality less ethereal bodies”  through their  action of “Sheer will force and utilizing the ‘magic spells” which invoked the elemental s which form the consciousness levels of the planes and the sub planes corresponding to these planetary devas [spirits]of the Grahas,  they used the decomposing ethereal bodies of the dead  existing in the vital and astral sub plane levels  to make them like the living entities to perform their deceitful agendas. The ritual was termed as the ritual of “Se-akh”, which made a dead person into an living “Akh”, which was like a ghost or a  “reanimated not fully conscious ethereal undead being”. This reanimated “Akh” by the vitality given by the black magician could thus move or roam around according to the “Will” of the black magician either to do harm or good to the living people of the physical plane by causing them various benefits or discomforts, nightmares, emotional feelings of guilt, sickness, etc.

These black magic practitioners thus evoked them by their spells in the form of prayers. Most of these black magicians became part of the royal Egyptian priesthood around  the latter half of the 18th dynasty, after the deposing of Pharaoh Akhenaton and the destruction of his city of “Amarna”, after which they became very powerful and started using  these written spells as letters to create all sort of “Talismans’, which were left in the tomb's offering chapels, as well as they were written upon the walls and the funerary coffins as spells, in order for these “Akhs” to help the living family members in their daily lives by intervening in disputes, by making an appeal to other dead persons or deities with any authority to influence things on the physical plane of earth for their betterment, but also to inflict punishments upon their various enemies.
This caused more of their separation from their evolving souls, which made them more cruel and deceitful totally devoid of any love, which being part of the second major aspect is technically the basis of evolution in our current solar system, so they had no choice but to continue to do these wrong practices even after their physical death even upon the vital sub planes, astral sub planes, which were their major domains to dwell upon, and once in a while they also utilized the lowest sub plane levels of the mental plane.

In Egyptian theology, the heart center of the vital or pranic body was known as the” Ib”, and this heart center  which represented the astral or emotional body was made up of elemental devas of the astral plane, and thus was the key to the afterlife, as It was representing the continuation of consciousness which survived the physical death in the nether world [astral plane], where it gave evidence for, or against, its possessor. It was thought that the heart was examined by the Martian deva spirit representation as the Anubis and the deities including the “Thoth”[again mars showing as a baboon] during the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. If the heart weighed more than the feather of Maat [kama manas or intelligence of the material worlds], it was immediately consumed by the monster Ammit.[Ammit was depicted as a female demon or Pluto consciousness in ancient Egypt with a body that was part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile, a combination of the consciousness of the three other karmic lords of the astral plane]

Thos who were enrolled in the right eye of Horus school took longer to learn their curriculum than those who were enrolled in the left eye of the Horus schools. The curriculum in the right eye of horus was originally based upon love and wisdom to uphold the universal law of “will to do Good”, while the curriculum of the left eye of the Horus schools was based upon “Might is right” or the Martian philosophy of wars and conquering others as slaves.


The great Pyramid of Giza thus represented the 18 sub planes, which were required for a human being to expand the consciousness through evolution, which technically explained that through various reincarnations upon the physical plane of planet earth, the "Ka' or indwelling personality of a human being finally joins with the "Ba", which is the higher self or the "Soul", and this evolutionary process was codified as the mathematical number "9", which is the sum total or the reduced number of 18 sub planes [1 + 8 = 9]. This number "9" also represented the 9 creator logos [Prajapati's]in their material or negative creative representations. [technically there are considered 10 planetary logos, but because Saturn [Shani] plays a double role as being a part of the synthesizing major 3 Prajapati's as well as the minor 7 Prajapati's, so in reality there are only 9 prajapati's representing the 10 energy distribution centers in the manifested body of the solar logos which is our current "Sor Mandal" [Solar system]. This 9 prajapati' information was codified in ancient Egypt as the "Ennead" a term which was established by the ancient Greeks denoting a group of nine, which defined the great council of nine gods of ancient Egypt, which were the group of nine great Osirian gods grouped together, who were known as Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.

According to this codified story which described the objective manifestation of Prajapatis [creator logos] first in the ethereal planes and then later their further manifestation upon the dense physical planes, which described as the god "Atum" was the first who created himself or arose out of Nu, the primal cosmic ether of the cosmic vital/physical plane, who further created Shu and Tefnut from the cosmic ethereal matter, and then from their union came in manifestation the gods Geb and Nut. Their children, being the great grandchildren of Atum, were the first gods of earth known as the gods Osiris and Isis, and Set and Nephthys [the four karmic lords], and from these four were born all the pharaohs of the human race.

The middle pyramid of these 3 great Pyramids represented the 17 sub planes, which were required for the consciousness expansion of the masters, adepts and initiated beings along with the deva entities who achieved similar status in their parallel evolution upon planet earth and thus form important centers in the evolving bodies of the 7 creator logos [Prajapati's], and this evolutionary process was codified as the mathematical number "8", which is the sum total or the reduced number of 17 sub planes [1 + 7 = 8], which is the number of infinity representing the consciousness of "Maha Vishnu" or Cosmic Christ. In ancient Egypt this number 8 represented the Ogdoad [the Greek word meaning the eightfold] who were eight deities worshipped in Hermopolis during the third through sixth dynasties of the Old Kingdom, Originally the main deities were the goddess Hathor and sun god Ra, but later on they were changed the worship of Hathor and Thoth, when the original Thoth was changed from an Ibis bird [Mercury consciousness] to a baboon [Mars consciousness], who thus became the main deities over a much larger group of other deities. Later on this Ogdoad represented the eight deities, who were arranged in four female-male pairs who were known as Naunet and Nu related with primodial waters, Amaunet and Amun related with air , Kauket and Kuk related with darkness, Hauhet and Huh with space or "Akasha". The females were associated with snakes [Nagins] and the males were associated with the birds depicted as vultures [Garudas], also some times with frogs also.
This middle pyramid representing the number "8" thus defined infinity, which meant "The geometrical forward progression in time and space of the same expanding consciousness within finite or the spherical parameters, till it gets liberation from those finite parameters".
The smallest pyramid in the group of these 3 great Pyramids of Giza denoted the consciousness of all those who were consciously upon the cardinal cross of the heavens, which included the cosmic fire [Antariksh Agni]representing the consciousness of the "Supreme thinker " which embodies the consciousness of the constellation of Aries [Mesha Rashi]. It represented the highest 14 sub planes of the cosmic Vital/Physical plane, which reduced to as the mathematical number [ 1 + 4 = 5] or '5', the number upon which is based the matrix grid around planet earth known as 'Prapancha'[fivefold illusion].

The consciousness of all the entities and beings represented by this pyramid corresponded to the fivefold cosmic energy relationship which exist between the 5 cosmic planes [Cosmic Atmic or spiritual plane having the 7 star systems of Ursa major constellation also known as the "Sapt Rishi Mandal', Cosmic Buddhic or wisdom plane having the 7 stars of Ursa minor constellation, Cosmic Mental plane having the Sirius star system, Cosmic astral plane having the 7 stars of Pleiades, and Cosmic Vital/Physical plane of our own solar system]. All those who existed upon this cardinal cross of the heavens, as represented by this pyramid, experienced the effect of the cosmic energy impulses coming from this fivefold cosmic planes group.

The total number mathematically reduced between these three great pyramids thus became 9 + 8 + 5 = 22, which when further reduced becomes 2 +2 = 4, or the 49 sub planes represented by these 3 great pyramids thus become 4 + 9 = 13 or 1+ 3 = 4.

So this number 4 thus related our solar system in a cosmic quadrant relationship to the other 3 cosmic planes except the cosmic spiritual or Atmic plane of Ursa major constellation, and our planet being the central planet of the 7 planetary schemes our solar system was thus directly related to the pole star [Dhruv Tara] existing in the Ursa minor constellation of the cosmic buddhic plane through the cosmic impulses of love and wisdom representing the "Maha Vishnu or the Cosmic Christos aspect under the governance of dark fire [kaal agni], to uphold the universal law of "Will to do Good".

Apart from these 3 great pyramids, the 3 small pyramids which are next to them, represent the 3 synthesizing planetary scheme logos of our solar system [Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn], thus representing the cosmic trinity aspect in our solar system.

The total number of the sub planes of these 3 small pyramids mathematically reduced thus became "3" [7 + 7+ 7 = 21 or 10 + 10 + 10 = 30 ] which when further reduced becomes 2 + 1 = 3, or the 3 + 1 = 3, which represent the threefold cosmic relation between the 3 cosmic planes [Cosmic vital/physical plane, Cosmic astral plane, and Cosmic mental plane], which are the 3 cosmic planes related to our solar system, Pleiades star system , and the Sirius star system.
So this codification of the evolution plans for our solar system were thus established upon the Giza plateau, so that anyone in the future, who has consciously evolved through the right hand practices of "love and wisdom' can easily decipher and understand the codified meaning
behind it.

Thus looking at this broad picture of the Giza plateau anyone who is consciously enlightened can understand the true occult meaning of the codification, and the spiritual mathematics related to the 49 sub planes behind it.

Great Pyramid – 18 or "9"
Middle Pyramid - 17 or '8"
Small pyramid – 14 or "5'
Thus a grand total of 49 or "4"

Similarly the 3 small pyramids each having a number 7 or 10 related to the depiction of the sub planes, thus 7,7, 7 = 21 or 10, 10, 10 = 30 which further reduced becomes number "3", and when all joined together [the three great pyramids and the three small pyramids ] it gives us the mathematical number of 4 + 3 = "7".

So the number "7 " [seven] represents the true number of the solar logos as well as the number of his reflection, which is our planetary logos existing in our solar system, So thus the solar logos is truly evolving in the 7th cosmic plane known as the cosmic vital /physical plane in the manifested body of the "Antariksh Agni" [Cosmic fire], and anyone having the occult wisdom and thus looking through divine vision at this great symbolic creation upon the planet earth could easily understand the real secret of the number ' 7 '.

Also for the very fact that our earth is the middle or central point in the manifested 7 planetary schemes of our Solar system as explained earlier in these articles, the "Outfinite Supreme Council" working through the governing "Kaal Agni" [dark fire] impulsed various entities and beings, existing in time and space, to establish the great evolutionary master plan of the Cosmic Vital/Physical plane, in which our entire current solar system is evolving, upon the dense physical plane [the Giza Plateau]of planet earth [Prithvi], thus utilizing the materials of the 1st manifested kingdom [dense mineral], for the "benefit of all" thus to properly evolve in the dense vital/physical body of the "Grand Thinker" following these evolutionary plans to uphold the universal law of "Will to do Good".

Vashisht Vaid.